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Marketing consulting consists of planning, coordinating and controlling every company activity when you wish to enter a market. Its single goal is the successful establishment of your brand within a certain market. We will offer you the complete range of our services or if you wish you can appoint us for partial projects. Our offer includes the following areas:

Marketing Concept
With our support, the structured entering of your brand into a market or market segment can happen significantly more effective. In cooperation with our clients we develop internationally sustainable marketing concepts, which can be the foundation for the growth and the long-term success of your brand.

Market Analysis & Market Entry Concept
Market analysis is the basic tool for defining strategic and operative goals for further marketing actions. We will investigate the initial situation thoroughly in order to draw the suitable conclusions for you. Not only is our knowledge of the fashion industry profound, but also do we have the essential contacts for guiding you through your marketing entrance.

Brand Positioning & Brand Management
A clearly defined brand image and a binding positioning should always be the starting point of a successful marketing strategy. Thanks to our experience, you will reach a high brand prominence and the intended brand image.

Communication & PR Consulting
Modern public relations has nothing to do with a simple press release. If you want to sell fashion, you have to tell a good story. For establishing a high profile brand and gaining potential new customers, you can benefit from our network. We will also support you in the operative PR-business.

Business Development
Purchase of marketing services, agency briefing and the evaluation of creative services or effective marketing controlling – we will optimize your marketing activities in partnership with you. Use our longstanding experience to ensure yourself your success.